Virtual Dataroom and the FTP : comparison

Virtual Dataroom and the FTP : comparison

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With the growth of the global business, more and more companies use technological innovations to handle and store large amounts of docs and files. For these purposes you need to guarantee certain confidentiality that shields the data. In recent years it is these specifications that best meet the , which wins against other technology and services, such as data clouds or FTP.

Before, the FTP has been often used when it was necessary to deliver a “heavy” file that did not fit in the email. But after some time it absolutely was discontinued as it was too accessible in front of large audiences because it was shared openly and is received not only by its recipient. On the other hand it was difficult to create in addition to manage accounts if he was not even a computer professional. In general, there was a new virtual place where the file was stored but there was no probability of controlling it or discussing essential issues. Here we will see in more depth the difference between FTP and the use of virtual dataroom.

First matter concerns comfort and ease of use. The File Transfer Protocol works through port 21 that will remains closed in most companies due to safety issues. Create and manage consumers can only specialists, so it takes more time and energy. If the password is definitely lost, it is impossible to restore this. In turn, access to the data room is done through the internet browser, it is not even required to install specialized programs. Adding a user is as easy as entering your email address, and restoring the password is always possible.

Stability is the weak point of the FTP process, since through it the files will be shared openly; Any document may be easily shared and sent to some other emails. use SSL encryption, the same that financial institutions use to make transactions between bank cards.

As regards auditing and even notifications, the FTP does not have associated with controlling the actions that are carried out with all the documents, nor exchange of thoughts on the data. If new data are added, other users must be advised. On the contrary, data room software allows monitoring involving actions carried out by users, systems associated with restrictions and limitations according to the legal rights granted to each user. There is a likelihood to discuss the information, and if the number of docs in the folder increases, users receive notifications to their email.

FTP is a low-level protocol, that no company is responsible, so high-level professionals are responsible for creating and controlling everything, solving problems that arise. The virtual data room has several managers that are available every day of the year 24 hours a day. At any time you potentially can attain help, customized solutions and make essential changes by phone or e-mail. This service interacts with your customers actively and you will never have to work to solve scientific issues.

After comparing the FTP and data rooms we see the reasons why the former is already a thing of the past. Companies of all quantities entrust their confidential documents towards the service that provides comfort, security, more control and confidentiality.

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